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  • Millisecond accurate 4/8 button USB response pad launched. Plug and play HID keyboard emulation – each button mapped to a standard key press!
  • Robotic Key Actuator now available. Press keys on your own response devices – Unobtrusive and noninvasive.
The Black Box ToolKit version 2 is now shipping. It offers more sensors and response generation options and connects quickly and easily to your own equipment. The version 2 is based on the same great principles as the previous incarnation, but is even easier to use with our new software suite and redesigned hardware. Based around an ARM Cortex processor it connects to a host PC, laptop or netbook via USB and has its own internal memory for storing data. Once running, timing data is independently collected from a second PC, Mac or Linux box running your experiment along with any other equipment you are monitoring or triggering, e.g. MRI, EEG/ERP, eye trackers etc. What's more there's an API available so that you can even control the version 2 using your own software! Full technical specifications can be found on our support pages.

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Black Box ToolKit v2
  4/8 button USB response pad
  USB response box
  Custom built devices &
Check stimulus presentation, synchronization and RT accuracy. Also event marks in real-time   Millisecond accurate USB response pad that appears as a standard keyboard   Millisecond accurate USB response box for specialized applications   Ask us for a quote for custom hardware design and manufacture or about our consultancy services
    4/8 button USB response pad with voice key pricing        
    Millisecond accurate USB response pad that appears as a standard keyboard but with added voice key (headset or microphone)        


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