RC4 of the Black Box ToolKit v2 firmware and PC software to be launched as a free download for existing customers Q2 2015. Adds seamless support for realtime event marking in EEG, EP, ERP, fMRI & Eye tracking with up to 16 additional TTL channels of I/O using our TTLe expansion module. More great features same ease of use. Plus new configuration utilities for our USB response devices launched: map button presses to specific keystrokes.

BRM open letter on replication failure in Psychology experiments published | Preprint.

Our CABN Neuroscience paper on timing published | Preprint: Learn more about the causes of timing error in your studies.

Meet us at ATSiP, 24-26 June. Can't make it, email us.
  NEW millisecond accurate USB response pad launched – works just like a traditional keyboard! A truly fit and forget solution for any experiment generator.

USB response pad with integrated Voice Key now on sale. Vocal response to keystroke mapping via bundled headset/mic.

AME selected as partner for integrated turnkey EEG, EP, ERP and fMRI research solutions.
ABOUT US            
Founded in 2003 by a team of psychologists, software experts and electronic engineers The Black Box ToolKit Ltd is a UK based company dedicated to improving the methods used by researchers in the behavioural and brain sciences.

We quickly realised that testing hardware and software in our lab did not reflect what researchers were doing with their own equipment and paradigms. In fact, it is now a well documented fact that millisecond timing varies depending on the hardware used. This makes it hard to single out one experiment generator, or platform, over another. What was needed was an inexpensive kit that enables researchers to quickly and easily check their own paradigms, in situ and without modification. We have spent over a decade developing and refining the Black Box ToolKit to enable researchers like you improve their ability to replicate and correct any timing errors prior to publication.
CASE STUDIES            
Cognitive Psychology
University of Sheffield, UK
What should have been simple turned into a major headache. We wanted to display a prime for 11 ms and then evaluate social behaviour dependent on the type of prime. Unfortunately 33% of our participants could see the prime! Without the BBTK we wouldn't have been able to carry out our replication successfully.
  Speech & Language
University of York, UK
We noticed that on some trials there appeared to be a presentation lag on the sounds we wanted to play to participants. This turned out to be due to soundcard startup latencies. With the help of a BBTK we managed to adjust onsets so that sounds were synchronised.
  EEG and fMRI
University of Durham, UK
In some of our EEG work it was sometimes difficult to know the exact relationship between what we presented and what the EEG recorded. We used the BBTK to evaluate settling time, digital filter response, phase delay etc. to help tighten up our experiments.
  Space Applications Services, Belgium Space Applications performs space system and software engineering for the European Space Agency, National Space Agencies and the space industry (unmanned and manned). They use a BBTK to ensure accurate presentation and response timings in their Virtual and Augmented Reality systems (eVRS).
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