*NB: For details on how to update follow the documentation included in each download file.

*NB: Do NOT use this configuration utility if you are running firmware which we have modified for your specific application as part of our consultancy service. This utility is intended for standard products only.

Technical support for The BBTK 4 port USB response box (K-RB1-4)

This utility allows you to easily change the keystrokes which are sent to your computer when a button is pressed.

BBTK 4 port USB response box (K-RB1-4) keystroke configuration utility (Windows only)

Download configuration utility (released 20150218):
  • Enables you to reset USB response box to default configuration and update firmware
  • Enables you to configure the keystroke sent by buttons 1-4


View USB response box manual (released 20150218)


Before you download this utility ensure that your response device matches that shown and is labelled "K-RB-1-4".

Full step-by-step instructions are provided within the configuration utility. Depending on your antivirus package you may need to disable it while configuring your response device.

This configuration utility only works on Microsoft Windows platforms. Once keystrokes are configured the USB response box will use those keystrokes on any platform, e.g. Windows, Mac and Linux.

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