At the Black Box ToolKit we specialize in helping you achieve accurate presentation, synchronization, and response timing in your computer-based psychology experiments. Remember that when experiment generators say they are millisecond 'precise' all this means is they report measures which are in units of a millisecond, not that the timings reported are accurate! We help you ensure accuracy.

We have a range of products that help you carry out the experiments that you have designed but in a much more accurate and consistent way. The gold standard for assessing timing accuracy and self-validation is the Black Box ToolKit v3. For real time, millisecond accurate, event marking we have the mBBTK v2 (event marking version). Companion products act as standalone millisecond accurate response devices. It doesn't matter what your experimental paradigm or platform we can help you. Our hardware and software is used in labs across the world and encompasses Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience, Language and Vision research among others.

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Presentation, synchronization & response timing calibration and validation products

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Black Box ToolKit v3

The gold standard for assessing millisecond timing accuracy and self-validation. Check experiments presentation accuracy, synchronization with other equipment and response timing independently of your computer. The BBTK v3 lets you tune your experiment generators accuracy in a particular study by automatically simulating a human participant that is millisecond accurate. For example, it can respond to any stimulus and generate a response with a known RT as it steps through your psychology experiment. This enables you to modify onsets, delays and RT's so that they are accurate in the real world. Remember the BBTK v3 is a dedicated, self-contained hardware device that is designed to independently record stimulus onsets and reaction times in the real world as they occur with sub-millisecond accuracy. Simple to use with a range of external sensors. Be sure of your research results prior to publication. Compare

Custom built devices and consultancy

As the Black Box ToolKit employs Psychologists, Electronic Engineers and Programmers we can offer a wide range of bespoke services. We have the design and manufacturing capabilities to produce one-off custom built devices for a reasonable cost or to customize one of our existing products for you. Need more production volume we can help here too. We also offer an independent timing audit and benchmarking service for those who need reassurance that their own measures are millisecond accurate.

Why not contact us for a quote for custom hardware design and manufacture or about our consultancy services in order to take your project to the next level.

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Founded in 2003 by a team of psychologists, software experts and electronic engineers we are dedicated to improving the millisecond timing accuracy and experimental rigor of researchers in the behavioral and brain sciences.

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