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Technical support for the BBTK USB TTL event marking module

Before using the USB TTL Module for event marking you should use the configuration software to carry out USB TTL latency validation/TTL trigger checks checks. These checks help determine how quickly the Module can event mark from your particular PC over USB.

USB TTL event marking module configuration utility (Windows only)

Download configuration utility & FTDI VCP drivers (released 20150708):
  • Checks for correct configuration of the USB TTL module
  • Carries out automatic latency validation checks for your PC when using the USB TTL module
  • Enables you to quickly an easily produce TTL event marks/TTL triggers for testing
Download configuration utility & FTDI VCP drivers (released 20190809):
  • Fixes "Integer conversion error" that may occur in some languages when running the USB TTL event marking module configuration utility. Uninstall your current version and reinstall this updated USB TTL event marking module configuration utility. Drivers do not need to be reinstalled.

    An alternative fix is to set the "Decimal symbol" to "." in Regional Settings in the Windows Control Panel or switch to "US English format".


In addition the Configuration Utility lets you check both TTL Input and Output. In this example Output Line 1 has been sent high with a hex Output Port value of 01 and the appropriate red LED has illuminated (D pin 2). In addition the red output LED on the Module itself will also illuminate.

To send a given TTL Output Line high (+5V) click on it. To send it low (0V) click on it again so that the LED is not illuminated. Two byte hex Output values can range from 00~FF (hex), 0~255 (dec), 00000000~11111111 (bin) to represent the status of each Output Line on the Output Port.

Full step-by-step instructions are provided within the configuration utility. Depending on your antivirus package you may need to disable it while configuring your response device.

This configuration utility only works on Microsoft Windows platforms.


View RC2 (released 20151101)

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