*NB: For details on how to update follow the documentation included in each download file.

Technical support for the Black Box ToolKit v2

Note that when downloading updated firmware you should ensure that your firmware version matches the PC software version. In the downloads below matching ARM firmware and PC software is included.

ARM firmware & PC software for the BBTK v2 (Windows only)

Download RC3 (released 20130408):
  • Adds support for the Robotic Key Actuator (RKA)
  • Default installation folder is now "C:\BBTKv2\" in order to address permissions issues on some systems
  • Fixes bug where if COM port was not selected in Tools|Options it would be wiped from the bbtk.config XML file
  • Fixes a non functional line label menu
Download RC4 (released 20160301): Read summary
  • FAQ section added to User Guide to cover most experimental scenarios and equipment
  • New Event Marking module aimed at TTL. Map up to 8 inputs to 8 real-time TTL or other events (output signal matches duration of input) made for EEG
  • 16 Channel TTL Breakout Board fully supported (supplied with Elite models/optional upgrade)
  • Specific Elite versions of DSC, EG, DSCAR, EGPT, DSRE and Input/Output Line checks
  • Logic Analyser speed increases of up to 100x or more when dealing with large files
  • File load and save speed improvements
  • Sampling runtime extended to hours
  • Line Arranger lets you select any 20 lines from a possible 36 to display on the Logic Analyser when using the BBTK v2 Elite
  • Line Change Graph: graph selected line changes from the Line by Line Analysis spreadsheet quickly check display accuracy
  • Full support for the BBTK Robotic Key Actuator (RKA) to press laptop keys, response pads, iPads, iPhones or other touch screen devices etc.
  • Full support for the BBTK USB carbon fibre effect response pad
  • Numerous speed, GUI and stability improvements


View RC3 (released 20121012) & Addendum
View RC4 (released 20160301) / Summary

Robotic Key Actuator instructions

View RKA v2 Assembly instructions (released 20130513)
View RKA v2 Manual (released 20130513)
View RKA v2 Manual for inverted RKA (released 20130513)

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